Outstanding Semiconductor IP matched by Outstanding Service


CamverTech works with semiconductor IP (SIP) developers around the world, selecting the best for our customers. We value our customers and do not want to let them down, therefore the key criteria our IP suppliers need to meet or show a realistic roadmap to achieve are:

  • Best in class IP
  • Dedication to ensure customers successfully integrate the IP
  • Fanatical customer support
  • Silicon proven where possible
  • Realistic pricing

Our Semiconductor IP portfolio,  includes a family of CPUs, HEVC and VP9 verification streams, SRAM and other specialist memory IP, DDR controllers and phys, PLLs, MIPI controller and a FPGA IP block. We also undertake custom design (analog, digital and mixed signal) as well as supply chain. Our IP is foundry independent and available across the major process nodes. Surf the menu above to get more detail on our semiconductor IP.

When we sell IP or provide services to our customers we will be there to the end of the project to ensuring, as much as we can, that the project is successful. CamverTech provides first level support, but we are not shy to call in the developers when they are needed.

Getting to Fixed Point in DSP Algorithms

DSP algorithms have been around for a long time, running on a variety of platforms from micro code to super computers. Consumer interfaces are getting more complex: voice, eye movement, gesture; and demand low cost DSP. IoT applications, being very cost sensitive, take this even further. All this brings in the decimal point as a … Continue reading Getting to Fixed Point in DSP Algorithms

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Andes IDE 10,000 Installations

AndeSight, the Eclipse base Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Andes CPU cores broke through the 10,000 installation mark in March 2016. CamverTech has had several customers install and use the tools in Europe with little or no assistance – this is a great commendation for the documentation and ease of use of the tools.

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EETimes: Andes CPU IP Cores for IoT suit Europe

           March 29, 2016 // By Peter Clarke Reproduced with the kind permission of EETime, who retain the copyright of this article.   EE Times Europe interviewed Frankwell Jyh-Ming Lin, CEO of Andes Technology Corp. (Hsinchu, Taiwan), a licensor of a range of 32bit processor cores as intellectual property (IP), and asked how the company … Continue reading EETimes: Andes CPU IP Cores for IoT suit Europe

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Value = IoT + Big Data

Not so long ago every Internet of Things event started with a discussion along the line of: “What is IoT?”; now that most of us are in agreement that IoT is the silicon that get the data from the sensor to the internet this discussion has stopped and everyone is working on IoT chips. Competition will … Continue reading Value = IoT + Big Data

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