Andes IDE 10,000 Installations

AndeSight, the Eclipse base Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Andes CPU cores broke through the 10,000 installation mark in March 2016.

CamverTech has had several customers install and use the tools in Europe with little or no assistance – this is a great commendation for the documentation and ease of use of the tools.

“AndeSight, with its complete and highly efficient features, has helped our customers to achieve cumulative shipments of over 1.4 billion SoCs,” stated Andes Technology Corporation President, Frankwell Jyh-Ming Lin. “This volume testifies to both the quality and adoption of AndeSight. Since AndeSight’s introduction, Andes Technology has continuously incorporated customers’ experiences, simplified development flow, and included new technology development, to provide superior software tool to the market. In the future, Andes Technology will continually enhance AndeSight to improve ease of use; to provide broad support of hardware, software, and system layers; and to boost higher efficiency and optimized code. In this way we will enable our customers to provide an even better product and service.”

The IDE is designed to help hardware and software developers get to market faster with:

  • Managed Build System
  • Profiler
  • Target Management
  • Chip profiler
  • In-system programming
  • External plug0in APIs
  • Debugging (MCU program, memory map settings. RTOS awareness)
  • Tool chains (Compiler, Assembler, linker, libraries)
  • Simulator (core instruction set simulator)

For more information on AndeSight visit:

Download AndeSight here.