Analog clocking IPs

All-in-one : Spread Spectrum PLL, Fractional and Integer PLL

Krivi’s All-in-one PLL supports programmable Spread Spectrum and fractional features making it ideal for most ASIC and DDR clocking applications. Spread spectrum provides clock frequency modulation to distribute the peak power over a bandwidth. Triangular waveform profile is used to modulate output clock frequency and modulation profile is repeated at very low frequency (around 30KHz, above audio frequency band). Output profile can be programmed to select either down spread or center spread.



  1. Programmable spread-spectrum and Fractional features
  2. Modulation Frequency 30-33KHz
  3. Depth of Modulation is programmable
  4. Modulation Profile: Triangular Waveform
  5.  Wide range VCO
  6. Programmable dividers to attain different output frequencies
  7. Internal tracking bandwidth scheme for various divider options
  8. Integrated filter and hence no external components required
  9. Capability for bypassing the input clock
  10. Separate signal for LOCK detect to indicate Frequency Lock

Master-slave DLL

Krivi offers Analog Master-slave DLL with in-built duty cycle correction. This DLL is suitable for precise clocking applications such as DDR PHY. We provide 360 and 90 degree analog slave delay lines in very small area.


  • Master and slave Analog DLL
  • Fine delay step, less than 2 degree granularity
  • Wide frequency range (more than two times)
  • Low Jitter and Low Power with small INL/DNL
  • Power scaled with Frequency
  • Low distortion in duty cycle
  • Fast and Accurate calibration
  • In-built duty cycle correction
  • Silicon proven

Battery powered RTC AFE

Krivi Battery powered RTC AFE combines Bandgap, LDO and 32.768Khz crystal oscillator pad in to single Analog front end (AFE) IP. Apart from providing crystal clock, it also powers up to 200uA current to downstream digital logic making it ideal for ultra low power requirements, such as IoT or wearable chips.