About Us

CamverTech (founded 2007) specialises in global business devolvement for the Semiconductor IP and EDA sectors. With direct sales and marketing in Europe, USA, Japan and South Korea we have local knowledge of the technology hotspots. Typically we work with companies that are defining a product or (re)launching a product and looking for fast sales traction. In our list of successes we count: facilitating 2 acquisitions, multiple alpha and beta customers as well as many successful worldwide sales role outs.

Our highly experienced sales talent is distributed across Europe (including Israel), USA, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Together we have personally closed over $100 million of sales.

We specialise in:

  • Direct Sales (Semiconductor IP, EDA tools, Sales Automation tools)
  • Business Development (Sales and Marketing from audit to closing strategic deals)
  • Interim Leadership Management (CEO, Sales, Marketing)

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CamverTech is delighted to work with the following companies:

Argon Design provides verification streams for HEVC and VP9 that give 100% coverage of the specification and tools that show the parts of the specification that the streams excite.

Flex Logix is a semiconductor IP house providing FPGA IP and tools to program the FPGA on the SoC.

Secure IC logo

Secure IC provides world class security IP as well as consulting services to test your security solution, advise on new and existing designs, and take your designs through to full certification.

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NorthWest Logic provides high performance, silicon proven, easy to use IP cores including high performance PCI Express solutions (PCI Express 3.0, 2.1 and 1.1 cores and drivers), Memory Interface Solutions (DDR4/3/2, LPDDR4/3/2 SDRAM; HBM, MRAM, RLDRAM 3/11), and MIPI solutions (CS-2, DSI). These solutions support ASICs, Structured ASICS and FPGAs.